Let me help you and your spouse with your relationship through faith-based marriage and relationship counseling and coaching.You can build a strong relationship through faith; and deepen the spirituality of both the individual and the couple by making Christ the cornerstone of the marriage.

By making Christ the cornerstone of your marriage, you will be to strengthen the communication, commitment, and respect within your marriage through a focus on gratitude and love. There is no better way to leave a legacy for your children than to do the work that it takes to live out your wedding vows daily.

That takes help daily from God, and sometimes from someone like me. Here are some of the things that I can assist you and your spouse with:

  • Free 15-minute consultation

  • Counselling via Phone or Skype

  • Audios/Videos

  • eBooks

  • Coming Soon – Seminars






I feel a strong need to call in broken hearts of women whose hearts are in grasp of the enemy Satan trying to destroy their marriages. We do not have to sit around and let him. We have a right as a child of God to stand in the gap for our marriages. This position of standing in the gap is our God-given inheritance. It belongs to us.
It establishes God’s will in our families, by allowing God to work through us through the Holy Spirit to fulfill and reveal God’s plan for our lives. We can make our inheritance work for our marriages. This inheritance is the word of Jesus came to give life, mend broken hearts, and to restore broken marriages.
Sometimes it is perceived that Jesus’ healing is only for bodies, illness, and disease. But Jesus came to restore his covenant with his people through love, and we must remember that through marriage Jesus is illustrating the divine relationship and love with the body of Christ.
When my husband came to me and told me he wanted to divorce, I immediately went and knelt before the lord and was gifted a revelation as to why the lord hates divorce; it’s because of the effects it has on his children and through the forthcoming generations. Divorce attacks his children through abandonment, insecurity, rejection, and anger.
It demonstrates the bondage it can put us in. It is so devastating how painful these wounds and inflictions can be. But Jesus came to set the captives free and mend the brokenhearted.




It is always sad to say goodbye to a loved partner or spouse. 
A breakup is never a happy process. Neither is a divorce.
When your spouse lets you down, you are rejected, angry, and bitter. You feel lonely, unloved, misunderstood. You are desperate, your life does not seem whole, something is missing. Something is broken beyond repair, this is something that you cannot undo any longer.
Have you ever seen people who just went through a breakup?
Their eyes are so troubled and hopeless, and the sparkles are gone from them.
Now you are in such a situation. Even if you do not want to, you recall the good times with your partner, better and brighter days, now that those days are gone, you consider these memories precious and wonderful. You just do not want to believe that it is over. A breakup is bad enough already, but if you have married your partner, it makes things even worse.
Probably you are already married, probably you have kids. You do not want a broken family.
Single parent families can be successful and can provide a good, stable background for their little ones, too, but avoid this option if possible.
If you have kids, you do not want them grow up in a broken home.
Perhaps you are not ready to let your spouse go, you want to get back with him or her…
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