Wife, is it really hard to submit to your husband?

“I should be the one handling this situation, I’m the wife and this is my expertise.” “He should not tell me what to do, I have my own rights.” These are some of the complaints husbands receive from their wives. Now, it all sums up with the word SUBMISSION. Is it really hard for a […]

Things You Can Do With Your Spouse

Even if you are already married, you should not limit yourself doing more things that will make you happier. Being married does not mean you do not have much time to enjoy; hence, this is even the best time to enjoy life because you are with someone to do these things. Know Your Favorites It is […]

Things a Single Needs To Do before Getting Married

Travel Traveling is one of the things you can give to yourself as a reward. It is a wonderful feeling to witness and experience God’s awesome creations like the different land and water formations. You can even witness and communicate with other people from different culture and traits. Traveling is more awesome when you are […]

Godly marriage: Bitterness over Forgiveness or Forgiveness over Bitterness?

There are a lot of things that can make you feel bitter inside your marriage. Imagine two imperfect people living in one roof and exposing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, these could stumble both of you. If you could enumerate valid reasons to be bitter, a day is not enough. Bitterness is the main reason […]

Busy but Stay Being a Pretty Mom and Wife

Mothers are the busiest people in the world. Aside from being a wife, being a housewife is the noblest job and amazingly this kind of job does not have any wages. It takes unconditional love for one mother to perform it correctly. The best thing about having this kind of noble job is that it does not […]

Overcoming Conflicts Between a Married Couple

Conflicts are normal in a marriage for these can help you grow together as a couple. But if both of you don’t know how to handle or overcome conflicts, you might end up hurting each other that can lead you through making wrong decisions. To overcome conflicts, first, you need to have an open COMMUNICATION. […]

4 Secrets to a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is something that requires too much trust and great faithfulness. You cannot deny the fact that both of you in a long distance relationship are prone to temptation and misunderstanding. But there are four secrets to have a successful kind of this relationship. There is no “normal” relationship.  You need to remind yourself […]

Tips To Make Date Extra Special

Going for a date should not stop if you are already married. It is still one of the great things a couple should be to strengthen their relationship because spending time together is really needed. Others are thinking that dating is only for girlfriends and boyfriends, but actually not. Dating should also be done by […]

Marriage Mistakes

There is no perfect marriage but a wife and a husband can be a better partner by trying the best to make their relationship stronger, healthier and happier. These are the problems a marriage possibly exist and these are also the things you need to do to overcome them: Telling Your Friends About Your Problems Friends can […]

Let Him Realize How Much You Care

Even though you are already married, there are things that you also need to focus on aside your relationship with your spouse. You need to consider your work or career, your personal dreams, and social life. There are times that you forget to make him realize how much you care, so these are the tips […]