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  • RT  @marklevinshow : Where’s the polling on how many want Pelosi removed as speaker?  Or how many believe Schiff is a pathological liar?  Or… 3 months ago
  • RT  @realDonaldTrump : Nervous Nancy Pelosi is doing everything possible to destroy the Republican Party. Our Polls show that it is going to… 3 months ago
  • RT  @realDonaldTrump : ....We should all work together to clean up these hazardous waste and homeless sites before the whole city rots away.… 3 months ago
  • RT  @realDonaldTrump : I can’t believe that Nancy Pelosi’s District in San Francisco is in such horrible shape that the City itself is in vio… 3 months ago
  • RT  @realDonaldTrump : Do you think they like me? 3 months ago
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