Even if you are already married, you should not limit yourself doing more things that will make you happier. Being married does not mean you do not have much time to enjoy; hence, this is even the best time to enjoy life because you are with someone to do these things.

Know Your Favorites

It is important to know what your favorites are even in the smallest details such as your favorite foods or drinks and even your favorite color. You and your spouse will surely talk about that because both of you want to know each other better.

Take a Road Trip

Taking a road trip on a weekend is an experience to see more of God’s amazing creations. This is one way of feeling the God’s goodness and you are making good memories together at the same time.

Discover New Places to Bond

Discover new places to bond with your darling. You can forget the park you usually go to or your favorite spot in the mall for a while and discover new restaurants or new coffee shops. You can try restaurants that serve exotic foods and you can even try to experience extreme activities like ziplining or wakeboarding.

Discover a TV Show

Discover a Godly TV show that both of you can learn from. You can even watch tutorial videos on Youtube for you to learn more things like how to do make up, how to declutter you home, how to make handicrafts and so on. God will always want you to be a better you and you should not limit yourself on learning many things even if you are already married.

Get Fit

You both need to realize that your health is very important. Your body is God’s temple and you should take good care of that. You need to live longer for your spouse and of course for your children. Even if you both have busy days during the weekdays, you can go to the fitness gym on the weekend to keep your body fit and healthy.  The couple that gets fit together stays together!


Go out and volunteer. Help those who are in need and communicate to these people and learn from their experiences. See the both sides of this world together with your spouse. It is a God given chance to help God’s people and share your testimonies to them.

Make a New Hobby

Do you love taking pictures of sceneries or people? Make photography as your new hobby! It is good that you and your spouse share the same hobby and in the near future, that will be your passion and that can be possibly a source of another income.

These are samples of the things you and your spouse can do in your marriage life. It is not yet late to do or discover new things you have yet experienced when you were still single. To have a happy marriage life is always a choice and a couple should work on that.

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