About La Jana

LA JANA WADDLES has seen firsthand the way God can restore a marriage when He’s welcomed into the relationship. With her own personal experience impressed upon her heart, La Jana felt called to share the gift given to her and her husband John. With extensive training in biblical counseling and a spirit-entered approach to marriage, La Jana has since helped countless couples all over the globe overcome obstacles and build happy, sustainable relationships

This passionate relationship coach and marriage restoration specialist has more than 20 years of experience in helping people work through issues of separation, divorce, and the factors that lead to them such as infidelity, instability, and poor communication. Her no-judgment, faith-rooted approach is designed to allow couples the opportunity to see God’s way and restore their relationships. 

Summing up her approach to marriage restoration, La Jana says, “Marriages face a great crisis these days — and only when we turn to Jesus will he strengthen and restore us –allowing us to walk in God’s will, in his anointing, breaking the yoke the enemy binds us to — trying to break us apart.”

La Jana is a recognized certificate earner from the Centre for Biblical Counselling and Member of the American Association of Christian Counselling (AACC). Born and raised in Germany, La Jana today lives near Colorado Springs. She and her husband John have been married for fifty years and have four children. In addition to the lives touched by directly through coaching, the Waddles have shared their story and insights with print and broadcast media.