5 Habits to Break for a Healthier Marriage Part 2

There is no perfect marriage. And in case you didn’t get the memo, husband and wife aren’t perfect either. The issue is that most of us don’t understand relationship maintenance at all or how to care for each other past the first blush of heat. Just like good nutrition and regular exercise can help you […]

5 Habits to Break for a Healthier Marriage Part 1

The key to nurturing a healthy marriage lies as much in what you should not do as it does in what you should do. We’ve talked a lot recently about steps you should take, like how to   fight fairer and communicate more clearly. Let’s look at the other side of the coin. If you’ve got one of these 5 bad habits, it’s time to […]

Being Consistent Part 2

Being consistent on what you are already doing is a very important thing. You need to be focused on what you do and you need inspirations like your partner and your children to keep you going. Continue to be a loving partner and a loving parent. Your family will always thank God because of your life […]

Being Consistent Part1

Life is more wonderful when you have something you are looking forward to especially in your marriage life. Goal setting is not just all about the desire of better things to happen in the future but it is also talks about planning to achieve greater things and putting deadline when will it happen. In marriage, goal setting is […]

Overcoming Conflicts Between A Married Couple

Conflicts are normal in a marriage for these can help you grow together as a couple. But if both of you don’t know how to handle or overcome conflicts, you might end up hurting each other that can lead you through making wrong decisions. To overcome conflicts, first, you need to have an open COMMUNICATION. […]

Relationship Problems and Solutions Part 2

Every relationships are different. But a strong connection between two persons, it can comfort to know that you are not alone in life. Communication is the key to make strong any relationship. Because we share our feeling, problems, matters with each others everyday. Couples who learn to solve problems constructively together cut their risk for […]

Relationship Problems and Solutions Part 1

There is no perfect relationship even if you consider your relationship as a God centered one because everyone knows that no one is perfect and everyone is always on the process of being better each day; either you are married or still single. When problems arise, you do not have to worry much and all […]

Wife’s Responsibilities To Her Husband

A Godly wife is very different from a worldly wife. Commonly, a wife is just at home cleaning or cooking and taking good care of the kids. And as the time goes by, wives are now career women either in online or offline business just to help their husbands to earn more for the family. […]