6 Ways to Include You on Your To-Do List

You’ve got your priorities straight. You’ve put God and your faith at the top of your list. Your family, your responsibilities, and all those other bits and pieces of your life fall into place right about where they should. There’s one thing you may be leaving off your list: You.

We set our focus outside ourselves because we think that sort of selflessness is what God wants from us. Certainly service to others is something we’re called to; however, God is not asking us to do so at our own detriment. Think of your life as a ride on an airplane. The instructions are clear: if the oxygen masks drop down, put your own on first before you help anyone else. That’s not being selfish. It’s being realistic. You are no good to anyone if you’ve passed out from lack of oxygen, and likewise, if you’re burnt out and – dare we say – maybe even a little resentful, you’re not doing anyone any favors.

Me-time can span the gamut of full days of pampering to simple little moments captured through the day. Here are some ideas for the latter:

Challenge: Even the busiest amongst us can find a moment or two of me-time. What’s your favorite way to recharge and reconnect with yourself?

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