After years of marriage, a common problem couples will encounter is the dilemma of keeping the flame of love alive. After the woman gave birth to a couple of kids gaining a couple of pounds too and the man of the house got used to with a couple of cans of beer after dinner while watching his favorite game on TV, not bothering how he looks anymore or keeping himself fit like he used to.

Falling into the pit of parenthood can take a real toll into your married life, couples will sometimes focus on their kid’s welfare and future they don’t bother to check on each other, keep the sparks of love in your relationship here are four tips that might help.

Talking. It is always the first thing that a marriage couple must do. Pay attention to your partner turn the TV off or put down your favorite magazine when they are speaking, listen to what they have to say. Just as simple of learning how he or she spent their day will go a long way.

Surprise your partner with a gift. A gift can be something simple, but you should really think about it and something that your spouse will really love. Gifts don’t need to be expensive, a simple card with a nice note telling them how you are thinking about them. Remember when you were dating, a simple note from your partner will really make your day.

Be Impulsive. When you’re out on a date instead of your usual routine be random when was the last time you and your spouse kiss in the mall parking lot or in the movie? Rekindling your younger days can really spice up your life or to really get out of the box arrange with your relative to take the kids during the weekend and spend yours in a hotel across the city or the next town.

Public Display of Affection. There is no such thing as too much PDA for a married couple. Social norms tells us that its awkward to see young teenagers holding hands or kissing in public acting out like a married couple, then a married couple has all the right to show their love for one another, after all they are duly licensed to do so and have the legal documents to prove it. Showing your affections will assure our partner on how much you want to be with them and letting the public knows about it can do your marriage good.

These four simple tips can inspire you to spend more quality time with your spouse and rekindling those special moments can help you fall in love again and again with your partner.

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