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Things a Single Needs To Do before Getting Married



Traveling is one of the things you can give yourself as a reward. It is a wonderful feeling to witness and experience God’s creations like the different land and water formations. You can even witness and communicate with other people from different cultures and traits. Traveling is more fun when you are with your favorite people.

Learn Cooking

Of course, you should learn how to cook before getting married. Whether you are a man or a woman; you should know how to prepare meals. Learn the basics and much better if you know something that will make someone appreciate your cooking skills more.

Be Financially Stable

Be financially stable before making your own family. You should be independent and capable financially so that you will not ask for help from your parents because they have their expenses too.

Face Your Big Fear

God will always want you to be fearless and courageous. Before settling down, you should be a conqueror in dealing with small things that you are afraid of doing. If you are afraid of heights, try zip lining or mountain climbing. Achieving one of these things is such a good moment to embrace.

Live Alone

Living alone does not mean you hate everyone around you. It means that you want to experience being independent because you are at the right age to do that. You can experience that for six months to a year. It is also the right time to soak in God’s presence and be dependent on God.

Finish a Degree

It is much better if you finish your degree. Everyone wants that but not everyone can accomplish that. Achieve that before getting married. Your future children will soon appreciate the importance of education especially if they see that in you.

Do the First Move

This doesn’t just imply that you initiate contact with someone. This means that you need to learn how to initiate especially if you already know what to do in a certain situation. This shows that you are maturing.

Challenge Yourself

Aside from facing your fear, challenge yourself to do things that you have not experienced. Talking about the initiative, you should also make the first move to achieve things that will make you a stronger person but will always be in line with God’s will and guidance.

Learn To Drive

Of course, you want that moment when you will drive next to your spouse, so learn how to drive!

Live Somewhere Else   

Try living alone or with your best buddy in a place you have never been before. You will be able to appreciate life more and understand yourself better with this experience. Additionally, it is the ideal moment to spend more time with God and negotiate with Him regarding upcoming miraculous events.

Make Something With Your Hands

Talking about tutorials, you can make something with your hands and treasure it for the rest of your life.

Read Books

Reading books will not just improve your intelligence but will make you discover more about life. Read books because you deserve them. There are many things in life to discover. Enjoy reading!

Keep a Journal

One of the most important things to have is to keep a journal. You should have a daily devotion to God. God loves you and He wants you to know Him more.

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