Wife, is it really hard to submit to your husband?

“I should be the one handling this situation, I’m the wife and this is my expertise.” “He should not tell me what to do, I have my own rights.” These are some of the complaints husbands receive from their wives. Now, it all sums up with the word SUBMISSION. Is it really hard for a […]

Things You Can Do With Your Spouse

Even if you are already married, you should not limit yourself doing more things that will make you happier. Being married does not mean you do not have much time to enjoy; hence, this is even the best time to enjoy life because you are with someone to do these things. Know Your Favorites It is […]

Let Him Realize How Much You Care

Even though you are already married, there are things that you also need to focus on aside your relationship with your spouse. You need to consider your work or career, your personal dreams, and social life. There are times that you forget to make him realize how much you care, so these are the tips […]

The Art of Argument in Marriage

The first big fight is truly a shocker. Regardless of disagreements and spats before marriage, the real knock-down-drag-out usually comes after the honeymoon. Housekeeping has begun, meals have been burned, the alarm clock has failed to ring, and then the garbage has piled up. Courtship was never like this. In every marriage there should be […]

Falling in Love Again with Your Partner

After years of marriage, a common problem couples will encounter is the dilemma of keeping the flame of love alive. After the woman gave birth to a couple of kids gaining a couple of pounds too and the man of the house got used to with a couple of cans of beer after dinner while […]

Marriage is a Lifetime commitment

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, because marriage is God’s idea, as the bible say in Genesis 2:18, 21-24 “ The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him’…and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and closed up the […]

How to Divorce-Proof a Marriage

Modesty means a marriage will last forever, but studies show the most expensive the engagement ring, then the higher rise of divorce. Social Science Research Network, through their study A Diamond Is Forever and Other Fairytales, studied 300 couples around the time of their engagements. They focused on factors such as income, religious attendance and other activities the […]

How to Reconcile a Marriage through Counseling

He doesn’t wear his wedding ring any more, at least not after he caught her cheating. And she can’t look him in the eye, asking for his forgiveness of driving a wedge through their wedded bliss. It seems the road this couple is headed down is not a pleasant one, even though their divorce is […]

Don’t Duct Tape Your Marriage

It’s been said duct tape can fix anything. I’m sure there’s at least one thing you’ve doctored with it. Perhaps you meant it as a temporary fix until you had more time and the right materials for a proper repair. While some followed through with that plan, others just glanced at the item and grimaced […]

4 Keys to Communicating When Angry

Communication, or the lack of thereof, can cripple an otherwise healthy relationship. Previously, I’ve given you ideas on how to communicate more effectively on a daily basis. These are important and effective tools; yet, if we’re being honest, they are easy to lose sight of when we’re emotional, stressed or tired. In those moments, try to focus […]